We have all had bad days at work, they can be due for many reasons, but if you are finding yourself with too many days where you feel unmotivated and unsatisfied with your work, you might have come across the idea of quitting your job. You might have been in the company for quite a while and gave it a chance, but it still isn’t getting you where you want to be.

Maybe that is the reason you are reading this article. If you are thinking of quitting your job, you have come to the right place! Here are some signs to be on the lookout for when deciding to put in your two weeks notice:

1. You procrastinate more than you work

When you like your job, you should feel motivated to finish your tasks. If there is nothing or very little you find engaging about your daily work, then you should examine whether your current position is the right fit for you. There should be something you would like to do that is more interesting than scrolling through social media. 

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2. You are anxious about going to work

Do you go to bed anxiously wishing it wasn’t the next day of work? While it is quite normal to feel a bit nervous the night before, if you truly dread the hours you spend working or at the office, then it is time to put in your two weeks notice. 

3. You feel your health is compromised

You feel exhausted, mentally, physically, and emotionally, all the time. Are you working so much that you are not getting enough sleep, or don’t have time to exercise? Are you taking too many sick days or using your health to take as much time off as possible? No job should sacrifice your health and wellness, which is a big red flag and you might want to begin your search for new opportunities.

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4. You’re not growing or advancing

You feel like you are stuck and that you could be growing, but there is no chance? Don’t commit your time and energy to a company that doesn’t seem to support your career advancement. If you feel like you have been in the company for way too long with no room for growth, then it is time to move on. 

5. You vent about your job too much

Take a look back at your recent conversations with your friends and family, have you complained about your coworkers, your boss, the workplace, or just the job itself? Pay attention to what you are truly feeling about your current company.

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6. You are overqualified

Do you consider that your tasks are not up to your qualifications and that you could be handling more responsibilities? You shouldn’t accept feeling stuck. Try to stay on the watch for positions that do fit your skills and knowledge, which will most likely feel more fulfilling than your current job.

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7. The work environment is negative

When the workplace is toxic, it’s hard to feel happy and motivated if your coworkers are constantly complaining and there is a common pessimistic attitude towards work. Also, Employee Engagement is an important part of the company for a reason, to retain talent. If your company doesn’t care about your engagement, it’s time to get out and find a company culture with values that align better with yours. 

8. You are being recruited with other offers

Have you received a message or email with a new opportunity that aligns with your experience and knowledge? If you aren’t feeling content with your current company and there are other opportunities that you can look forward to, take that as a chance to move on. 

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9. You can’t speak up at your job

You should be able to feel comfortable enough at your company to tell your opinions and speak for yourself. You don’t need to put up with an oppressive work environment where your thoughts are not valued. Your job should make you feel challenged in a way that motivates you to succeed, rather than feeling like anything you do is wrong or nerve enough and that you can’t express yourself. 

10. You find yourself justifying your job

Ask yourself, “am I justifying my job and tasks to my friends and family, and myself, while I know there are more cons than pros?” Do you find yourself saying phrases like, “my co-workers are very pessimistic but at least the benefits are okay” or “I don’t make enough money but at least the team is not so bad?” Be aware that you can find an opportunity that is more enjoyable, and do not stay in a place where there’s more to complain about than to be excited for. 

11. You can’t picture yourself at the company in the future

Try picturing yourself a year from now. Where do you want to be, in what circumstances would you like to be working, and especially, what work you would be doing? If the scenario you imagine is not similar to your current job, it’s time to find something that is.

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12. You have another opportunity in place

You have been looking for other opportunities and have had a few interviews, one of them is truly interested in hiring you and you can picture yourself in the company. They are already offering you a place in their team, and you see that you could use your potential to a greater extent, then this is the ideal time to change jobs. When you decide to put your two week’s notice, you’ll already have another job lined up. 

Sometimes you just know that you aren’t feeling fulfilled with your job, that you don’t entirely fit with the company’s culture. Try paying attention to your gut, it can be your greatest ally. The possibilities are many, and if you have been thinking about quitting for a while it might be time to listen to your gut and go find the job you deserve!

Are you looking for a job that fulfills your expectations and, most importantly, makes you happy? Let’s have a call! Send us your CV to talen@fut-ure.com and start building the Fut-Ure you want!

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