As we celebrate the New Year, companies continue to work remotely, and more employees are preferring the home office over on-site work. This calls for employers to adjust their work environments and update their tools and processes from home. While working remotely has its benefits, there are some challenges that companies face regarding the motivation and productivity of their employees, and a crucial step when building a team is the onboarding process, especially a working-from-home team. 

The first days of work play a big part in the experience of the new member, so the way you onboard them can make a huge difference. 

What is the best way to onboard a remote employee? You have come to the right place! Keep reading for Fut-Ure’s expert tips for successfully onboarding your new team member! 

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1. Have virtual meetings for your new hires and the rest of the team:

The last thing you would want for your new employee is the feeling of isolation, as it can deeply affect the employee’s sense of belonging, motivation, and productivity. To make them feel welcomed, schedule video calls with the entire team and then individually with coworkers so they can get to know each other. These calls are essential to create common goals and a communication structure from day one. 

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2. Introduce the new team member to the rest of the team:

Use your common method of communication with your team to announce that you have hired a new member. This can be in the form of an email or a message to the company’s group chat. Spreading the news will allow other team members to reach out to their new addition individually, making it easier for the new employee to get acquainted.

3. Set up remote communication channels:

healthy communication channels are a must when your team is working remotely. Luckily, with the right technologies, and a large variety of platforms, you can ensure the message reaches everyone. Schedule some training sessions with your new employee during the first week, making sure that they know how and when to use them. 

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4. Send a welcome package:

To help your new hire to feel part of the team, try sending them a welcome package. This does not have to be extravagant, but having a few things from the company with the logo can make them gain a sense of belonging. You can include a t-shirt, a mug, a welcome letter, and whatever you see fit that will help them adapt faster and better. 

5. Introduce your company culture:

Remote employees are part of your company’s culture, even though they are not physically present. To help them understand the work environment and expectations, share an employee handbook with some information about your project management process, when and how to attend the meetings, and more, any presentation you may have to visually explain your company values, and pictures from your company’s endeavors with them. 

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6. Make specific training in advance:

There are interactive training tools that are easy to use and can have short quizzes and games to keep them engaged. You can record videos and demonstrations to explain the features of the tools you use on a video. Make sure to follow up after each training session to answer any questions or doubts they may have. 

7. Set clear onboarding goals:

A “normal” onboarding goal is to give them a warm welcome and make them feel comfortable as soon as possible, betting on their success. However, with remote onboarding, you might have to make a more detailed list of goals you would like to achieve and how to do them. Try sharing an onboarding plan in advance, which will help them feel more comfortable to ask questions. A checklist detailing tasks and goals for your new employee can be very helpful!

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Following these tips, your new hire will feel part of the team in no time, setting themselves (and you) up for success! We hope you have found this guide helpful.

Are you looking to hire but don’t know where to begin? Fut-Ure is here to help you find the ideal candidate for your company! Contact us at and let’s start building your Fut-Ure. 

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