As a Recruitment company, we understand the importance of finding the right candidate for your team in all aspects: skills, knowledge, experience, and personality. By hiring the perfect candidate, your investment in talent can yield great results for your company. 

How or where do you start when choosing from a pool of candidates? Think about going beyond the resume and truly getting to know the candidate’s potential value to the company. After receiving your potential candidate shortlist from your Recruitment Partner, there are a few things to be on the lookout for when hiring talent. 

Here are some useful recommendations when selecting candidates during your hiring process:

1. Every hiring process should begin with an accurate job description

A strong job description will include everything you are looking for in a candidate, including the success factors for the position you are aiming to fill. Truly identify the skills, qualifications, and behaviors that the position requires to add value. Knowing exactly what you are looking for will significantly help you when making a decision and that way, your Recruiter will be able to only find candidates suitable for the specifics of the job.

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2. Evaluate their work ethic, motivation, and attitude

During the interview, be on the lookout for any comments they make regarding their way of working in the past experiences. If the candidate has followed through with their commitments, have had a good relationship with their coworkers and previous managers, and tackle challenges with a proactive attitude, they could be a potential asset to the company. 

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3. Pay attention to the questions they ask

A candidate should be asking questions about the company, the projects carried out previously and currently. Pay attention to their kinds of questions and identify whether they have researched the company before the interview or not and if they can tell you what makes your company’s culture competitive in the market. When a candidate is truly enthusiastic and shows a genuine desire in joining your team, and they consider their values align with your company’s culture, their potential in the business is immense. 

4. Focus on specific experiences and accomplishments

Which roles have the candidate filled in his or her previous experiences? Identify how many years of experience they have had in similar positions to the one they are applying for and point out some key challenges that arise in the job. Ask questions about how they responded to a challenge in the workplace, or why they decided to act the way they did in face of an issue. This way you will be able to assess their working methods, goals, and mindset.

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5. Get to know their passions and interests

Make the interview relaxed and conversational, and try to get to know them as a person, more than a prospective employee. Ask them about their hobbies and interests, and what they like to do in their spare time. This way you will be able to evaluate, not only their qualifications but also their personality and attitude towards work and life itself. 

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7. Ask culture-oriented questions

Your Recruitment partner has already picked out the best candidates from the pool of talent that has the experience and knowledge necessary to succeed in your company. However, the ideal candidate is the one that fits in personality and behavior too. Ask some questions about some specific scenarios they might encounter when working in the industry or your company, and how they would react. Personality and values are important. 

8. When feasible, include tests into your screening process

If you are looking for a candidate to debug programs, screen a test with a program they should refine. Or if you are looking for someone in the Customer Service department, ask them to take a call in a possible scenario. This way you can evaluate their competencies for the role they are postulating themselves for, and claim to have the knowledge. If possible, try to see it in practice too!

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Hiring processes are one of the most important parts of the business, as these are your company’s key pillars for success! Make sure your interviews are conversational and fun, as candidates are more likely to talk about their past experiences and challenges when they are more comfortable! As Benjamin Franklin said, “An investment in the right team pays the best interest”. 

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