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How to Do a Good Speech Pt.2

Welcome to part 2 out of 2 of How to do a good speech. In this blog, we are going […]

How to Do a Good Speech – Pt.1

It doesn’t matter if you’re working or studying, in what field, in what country, or how old you are, to […]

5 Work Habits To Adopt

If you’re looking for a more productive and positive year, you’re in the right place! Developing a new habit is […]

Personality Tests and How to Deal With Them

Personality tests in a recruitment process is a key tool for the company hiring. Recruiters use them to locate candidates […]

The Importance of Recommendation Letters and How They Should Be

Recommendation letters are a key piece to your Linkedin profile or resume content. These letters communicate and reveal crucial information […]

7 Tips to Keep your Employee Happy Without a Raise

Having an employee happy in a company is one of the most demanded things, especially if we are not talking […]

4 Ways To Retain Talent

A win for the company is to manage to have employees happy and willing to stay in the organization. In […]

5 Tips that will Boost your Productivity

First of all, you have to be aware that to achieve high levels of productivity the first step is to […]

Tips To Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out Pt.1

Nowadays to succeed in job hunting you must have a good and active Linkedin profile, it is not enough to […]


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