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IT Recruitment Agency in Spain

ContentsAre you in need of great tech talent in Spain?10 Reasons to hire a specialist IT & Tech Recruiter in […]

Specialist IT & Tech Recruitment agency in Barcelona

ContentsAre you looking to hire top tech talent in Barcelona?6 Characteristics of a good IT & Tech Recruitment company in […]

Mastering Recruitment Compliance: A Comprehensive Guide for 2023

Contents1. Key Insights into Recruitment Compliance for 20231.1. Understanding the Implications for Recruiters1.2. The definition of Recruitment Compliance1.3. The Importance […]

How to Do a Good Speech – Pt.1

Contents1. Make a strong introduction.  2. Don’t feel the need to achieve perfection.  3. Select the word correctly. 4. Avoid self-doubt. 5. Remember that […]

7 Tips to Keep your Employee Happy Without a Raise

Contents1. Be transparent and honest2. Work-life balance¬†3. Feel part of the big picture4. Communication in common areas5. Create a career […]

5 Work Habits To Adopt

Contents1. Establish an organized and purposeful schedule.2. Aim to what you can control3. Set up a sleep schedule4. Plan pauses […]

4 Ways To Retain Talent

Contents1. Retention starts with recruiting2. Provide education3. Stick to remote options4. Competitive compensation packages A win for the company is […]

Personality Tests and How to Deal With Them

Personality tests in a recruitment process is a key tool for the company hiring. Recruiters use them to locate candidates […]

5 Tips that will Boost your Productivity

First of all, you have to be aware that to achieve high levels of productivity the first step is to […]


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