With the new year right around the corner, there is an opportunity for improving and acquiring skills that can help you perform better at work and your professional life overall. The past few years have been challenging for both companies and employees, and hard decisions had to be made. But with these challenges comes the need for skills to take on changes in the professional world.

Whether your goal this year is to find a new job, get a raise or a promotion, or keep growing in your current position, check out our list of soft skills you can apply to your work this year to advance your career:

1. Communication and interpersonal skills

Many companies are looking for people with great ability to communicate and relate with others, as this is a must to take the lead on certain projects and teams. Nowadays with a hybrid mode of working, it is extremely important to understand how you would communicate with others and how you transfer information efficiently. To improve in these skills, you can practice your body language and how to give constructive feedback. 

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2. Flexibility and adaptability

Businesses are in constant evolution. They acquire new technologies, expand to a new business branch, all of which bring in new responsibilities. Being flexible and adapting easily to change can allow you to grow along with the company, and your managers will appreciate this, as you are able to navigate through different and complex scenarios and fast-paced environments. 

3. Resilience and self-management skills

Adding to the previous point, companies want to know that their team is able to take on change and see it as an opportunity to grow, rather than something scary. Employers are looking for people who are able to easily adopt new processes and systems that, when well established, will improve the overall productivity. 

Many times your flexibility and resilience are tied with your attitude and preparation, so using time management techniques can help you plan out any new responsibilities you get. 

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4. People management skills

It’s normal that for managerial roles you would definitely need to put that leadership and people management skills to practice. However, as we move into a new year, many companies are looking for people with initiative and proactivity for most roles, being able to manage people both on-site and remotely. 

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5. Problem-solving skills

We have all faced new challenges these last few years, so it is no surprise that in the near future, companies are interested in people capable of solving problems as they arise. 

Ready to start 2022? We hope you have exciting times ahead, full of growth and development in this ever-changing work environment!

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