Engaging interns to handle your business projects is not something new. For the most part, it is a win-win situation. They gain experience; you expand your team at little to no cost. But don’t rush to post an ‘Interns needed’ ad. For many companies, the whole internship program becomes a total nightmare. Let’s take a look at some challenges you might face when recruiting interns for your business.

Finding the Right Interns Takes Time

Ok, so you created an ad to hire interns, what’s next? During the following days, weeks, or months, you can expect an avalanche of ‘Choose Me” applications. Each application requires a lot of time to process. You need to carefully examine them otherwise you might overlook an uncut gem. Then, you will have to contact internship seekers, arrange an interview, prepare for it, and actually conduct it. Chances are that you will have to repeat this process dozens of times till you find people meeting your requirements. This is an extra load on your HR department as well as team leaders. 

They May Not Help Solve Your Issues

Many companies view interns as an outside perspective to help address the company’s issues. Some business processes might get stuck in a rut and not change for decades. If an error crept into these processes, you will be doomed to repeat it over and over again. In the end, some things become outdated and need an overhaul. Interns are exactly those people who can help you see if something is working wrong.

The problem is that many interns want to earn your approval so much that they shy away to share their ideas. They may fear a grudge from more experienced colleagues. Some of them are simply not ready to put their heart and soul into a company they yet have no connection with.

They Are Not Sure You are The Right Choice

You choose interns and interns choose you at the same time. If you mutually chose each other, that’s great, but what if you didn’t? Interns may consider your company as an intermediate stop until they find something they think is best for them. Needless to say, such people will work without any enthusiasm.

Many postgraduates start their internship without any idea where they want to work, what roles they want to play in an organization, and what contribution they can make. If your company provides only a part-time internship, chances are that they simultaneously work for your competitors. It goes without saying that such interns bring zero benefits to your company. 

What’s the Solution?

When it comes to an internship, you don’t have to go through all the hardship alone. A professional recruitment company will help take the stress out of staffing. 

First of all, it saves the valuable time needed for processing applications and interviewing. Let your HR department do what they should while leaving all the grunt work to the experts in intern recruitment.

When professionals take up work, you can rest assured of the highest quality of your recruits. We filter out all unsuitable candidates and single out only motivated and competent people. We make sure they deem work in your company as a privilege.

Last but not least. Our services are flexible and responsive to your feedback. As soon as your needs change, we will timely make adjustments to fully meet them. 

Take the most of your internship program with reliable recruiting solutions delivered by a partner you can trust.


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