Ever since the 1992 Olympic games, Barcelona has become a hallmark for tourism so chances are that yourself or one of your close relatives, friends or colleagues have already visited the city and have told you some positive about their experience.

Perhaps you even have some acquaintances who have succumbed to the charms of this city and decided to stay to live there after visiting. So why not try ?

In this Guide we will tell you all about living in Barcelona if you are an IT or Tech Expat.

What to expect?

Here are the main highlights of what you can expect when living in Barcelona:


Perfect weather all year round.

Some may say that it is too hot and humid in the months of July and August, but all the places are well equipped with air conditioning and anyhow, there are many people who choose this city specifically because they wish to enjoy this weather.


–         Hours of sun.  5 Winter / 9 Summer 

–         Average weather. 10 C Winter / 26 C Summer

–         Rain.   56 days per year

Cost of Living

Check our BCN Expat guide to see more details about costs of main products and services in Barcelona.

Finding an apartment

Unlike other major cities, finding an apartment requires little paperwork. There are many agencies that can facilitate moving to an apartment, including showing you to different locations according to your budget, and helping with the contract and even moving from your own city.

If you do not know where to start, we, at Fut-Ure can help you connect with the best agencies in Barcelona depending on your needs.


The city is great for those who commute in public transport. Featuring the longest Underground line in Europe (L9) and an amazing infrastructure, strolling around the city is easy.

Also the entire city was recently remodeled to adapt more pedestrian and bicycle areas so reaching your job by walking will be very easy.

Another option to move around the city are electric scooters. The city is full of them and they are an easy option to go door-to-door.

On the downside, you may find moving in Car to be difficult as finding a parking spot is somewhat challenging. This is the reason why you will see thousands of motorbikes across the city:  If moving in a scooter or a motorbike is your thing, for sure you will enjoy the city.

Professional Environment

Company Profile

The start-up scenery is one of the best in the South of Europe. Barcelona has a very healthy ecosystem of start-ups set up there.

The city also features several large companies, in many of them have delegations within the city, so in many cases you will not have to commute to an outer city to work in a large firm.


Networking is easy, particularly within the expats, as this is a city that attracts many international professionals who are top-notch at their functions, it will not be a challenge to build a network of peers with whom to share expertise.


Local culture is business oriented although rather laid-back when compared to other major European cities.

Expats in the city have a vibrant community for informal events that help them to add new connections to both their business personal circles.

See more information of what can be done in Barcelona in the following section Leisure.

Travelling in-out

Spanish infrastructures are one of the very best of Europe, so you can expect that it is easy to move within Spain.

Due to the geographic location of the country, moving out towards the north it is a bit more complicated, as it requires crossing the Pyrenees to reach France.

However there are plenty of options to reach other locations by plane or by train. Leveraging on the many flights that travel to this touristic destination, you will have plenty of cheap and frequent flights to all major and medium cities of Europe, as well as a number of direct connections with International destinations including the North American and the APAC region.


When it comes to having fun, Barcelona is quite the place to be.

Let’s explore just some of the options of what you can do while living in Barcelona:


If you are a foodie, you sure are going to love the city, which is famous for having affordable options for every taste and preference.

From the typical Spanish tapas that are a must for those who love trying a bit of everything, to Vegetarian delicatessen, including a wide range of options of International cuisine from the many expat Chefs who made this city their home.

You can try a very local option of eating in the Markets. Famous places like El Mercado de la Boqueria will make this an enjoyable and delicious experience.


Let’s not get started with what everyone knows about this city… Football.  Yes, it is a great option if you like the sport, but there is plenty of information already about that.

For those who do not enjoy football, there is a huge variety of activities to try, including climbing in amazing scenery, horse riding or a local favourite: Padel.

Besides, you will find many gyms in the city, with membership prices ranging between 25 to 45 euro per month.

Teather and Cinema

Barcelona’s theatre scene has skyrocketed in recent years. Accommodating more than 50 theaters, many interesting shows of various kinds take place in the city.

Cinema is always an option in the city, you will find options to watch movies in original version – or dubbed in Spanish if you want to practice the language.

Bars, concerts and Clubbing

If you are into listening to music and socializing in Bars, this city will not disappoint. Crowds of people of all ages and backgrounds gather in the center of the city daily to chat, exchange fun stories and expand their social circles.There is a huge offering to accommodate all needs, and going out in this city is possible every single day of the year.

Day trips

Living in Barcelona will give you plenty of options to plan day trips within comfortable driving distances (or using the excellent railway infrastructure).

1. Beach
With Kilometers of beaches in the region, in this guide you can find some of them.

You should be able to find the perfect spot for you, whether you decide to drive south towards the usually warmer Tarragona or Valencia,  or north towards the Costa Brava beaches which are often the most popular among locals.
If swimming and sunbathing is your thing, you will be happy to hear that it is not uncommon for Spain to have long summers, some years warm temperatures can start as early as May and ending by mid-October.

2. Mountain

Those seeking hiking and escaping the city in search of nature will do one of the many mountain day trips that are possible to organize from Barcelona.  Here are some of them.
From visiting hallmarks like Montserrat, to getting lost in the beautiful Pyrynées, you will not be lacking options.

3. Nearby towns and cities

No matter what you seek, you will find it in the many nearby towns and cities outside Barcelona.
For a combination of good party atmosphere and beach you will find towns like Salou, if you seek relaxation, culture and visiting other cities you have interesting options like Figueres.
You can find seven of the finest options in this guide.

We hope that you have found this guide useful.

Find more details, information and KPIs about Barcelona in our Expat Guide.

The Fut-Ure Team will likewise be happy to help you to set up in the city if you are looking for a job in the region, or give you more information about the local Talent market (including details and advice in topics like Taxes and legal) if you are planning to open an office in Barcelona.

Take a look at our Job Offers, or Contact us and start your Fut-Ure in Barcelona.

Barcelona Guide


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