Ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1991, the city has moved to a happier and more liberal lifestyle. Berlin has a great party and musical culture, with people dancing to electronic music and the beautiful sounds of the philharmonic orchestra. Living in Berlin includes meeting people from all over the world, and discovering its enormous cultural and historical wealth. Berlin is always exciting, so why not see it for yourself?

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What to expect

Here are the main highlights of what you can expect when living in Berlin:


The weather in Berlin has two extremes, bright hot summers and snowy winters, allowing you to enjoy all seasons to the fullest. 


  • Average Daylight:16 hours in summer and 7 hours in winter 
  • Average weather: 24º C in summer and -1º C in winter
  • Rainfall days: 167 days

Cost of Living

Finding an apartment

  • Berlin counts with many real estate agencies, ready to help you find the apartment that best suits your needs. Even though accommodation in Berlin can be somewhat expensive, agencies are fully prepared to guide you through your decision on where is the best location to live to adapt to your budget and lifestyle. There are different types of housing to choose from, one of them being studio apartments which have become more popular recently.


  • Transportation in Berlin is easy to use, affordable, and available all day long. You can choose between buses, taxis, trams, and metro for commuting within and near the city center. You can also drive yourself, but make sure that your car is within the limits of emissions in zones of low-emission, called Umwelt. Many parking spots in Berlin have a charge, so it is important to search for parking near the place where you are heading before. 
  • On the other hand, bicycles are becoming more useful when moving in short distances within the city center. So, if you are a person that enjoys moving by bike, then Berlin is perfect for you. 

Professional Environment

Company Profile

  • Berlin is home to many businesses, ranging from small and medium-sized, sole proprietor start-ups to large companies and headquarters, many of them in the city center, so it is easy to get to the companies. 


  • Berlin hosts many networking events, where you will be able to share experiences and knowledge with people from all over the world. Berlin is a socially-minded city and these events will make it easy and fun to create your network of peers and colleagues. 

Photo by eparedonda from Pixabay. 


Berlin is described as a garden itself. There are many green areas to admire while on your daily routines and natural parks. Expats in Berlin have a great time walking around the city and discovering new things. See more of what you can do in Berlin in the following section: Leisure. 

Traveling in-out

  • Tegel “Otto Lilienthal” Airport is equipped with full services of transportation from and to the airport, as well as great parking, car rentals, taxis, and carsharing. The international airport is connected to several European destinations as well as some international routes. 
  • You can also opt for traveling long distances in a short time by train, the S-Bahn connects the city to neighboring cities like Postdam. 


  • Berlin is the biggest city in Germany, and that title comes with plenty of things to check out. From a wide variety of bars, restaurants, pubs, nightclubs and more, t you can have the lifestyle you want. Many Germans start their Sundays having brunch with friends and family while others are more excited to go shopping at the weekend.  You will also find flea markets held every Sunday. 
  • Berlin is also home for many cultural and historical museums, theaters, and top exhibitions of fashion, art, and food. 


  • If you are a foodie, you will definitely enjoy the food experience in Berlin, with their traditional cuisine and adopted food cultures. Berliners have great pride in their currywurst. There is a museum dedicated to currywurst. You can find these almost everywhere! 
  • But not everything is meat-based, almost every restaurant and bar offers vegan and vegetarian options. If this is you, then be sure to try out the spätzles! 
  • Döner Kebab, while this is a Turkish dish, it has become so popular throughout the city that it’s pretty much a traditional dish for everyone, not just for their large Turkish population.

Photo by hansiline from Pixabay.  


  • If you are a sports fan, you can follow football matches and other sports live on TV, or go experience one in the great Olympiastadion in Berlin. Sports range from professional running to beach volleyball (although there isn’t a beach, Berliners have man-made beaches along the banks of the river spree) and many more! 

Day trips

  1. Postdam’s Parks and Palaces
    1. Located 40 kilometers from Berlin, Postdam is one of the most famous imperial cities in Germany. It is easy to get there by train and public transportation, you can enjoy the beautiful parks and lakes, and also the Prussian Rococo palaces. 
  2. River Havel
    1. The River Havel flows through Berlin for 30 kilometers. One of the best ways to enjoy this scenery is by driving along the Havelchausee for a leafy and green experience. You can also see the Havel is aboard a riverboat! 
  • Berlin is surrounded by amazing neighborhoods that will give you a nice and relaxing break from the city!

Photo by maaike116 from Pixabay.

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