The city ranked as the 6th highest standard of living in the world, Düsseldorf offers an emerging technological culture, affordable housing, multicultural cuisine, beautiful scenery and views, and much more. By moving to this impressive business and financial hub, you will be enjoying a modern lifestyle and infrastructure every day. 

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What to expect?

Düsseldorf has a young and energetic vibe that will keep you excited to learn more about the beautiful city. Here are the main highlights of what Düsseldorf offers:


In Düsseldorf, summers are comfortable and somewhat cloudy, while winters can reach low temperatures and are quite windy. However, the city is prepared and most places are well equipped with the proper air conditioning and heating to offer a comfortable experience. 


  • Daylight: 16 hours in summer and 8 hours in winter 
  • Average weather: 20º C in summer and 8º C in winter
  • Rainfall days: 193 days

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Cost of living

Finding an apartment

  • While finding an apartment in German might be a challenge for some, there are many websites and social media sites to find apartment rentals that will help you find one that suits you. These sites will give you all the information and guidance necessary to find housing that will adapt to your lifestyle, budget, and needs. With this help, you will be able to find the best apartment in no time!


  • Düsseldorf has very comfortable and convenient options to choose from when it comes to public transportation. The city offers an extensive network of transportation, from the most common: bus, train, and metro to some not-so-typical ways of moving in the city, like vehicle sharing, Car2Go, and trams. With these options available, you can get to wherever you want within the city center and neighboring cities in an inexpensive and timely manner. 
  • Perhaps the people’s favorite is by bicycle. So if you enjoy riding a bike or going for a walk, you will definitely enjoy Düsseldorf. 

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Professional Environment

Company Profile

  • Düsseldorf is constantly innovating and growing, which is why you will find all types of businesses here. Since the city is rapidly becoming an entrepreneurial innovation hub, Düsseldorf is mostly focused on technological enterprises, with enormous creative potential in multiple business areas. Multinational companies based in the city, start-ups, and local commerce are some of the businesses you will find in Düsseldorf.


  • The people in Düsseldorf are very open and dynamic, which will make networking easy and fun. The city counts with people from different cultural backgrounds, you will meet all kinds of people to learn and share knowledge with. The city attracts many international professionals, so it will not be a challenge to build a network of colleagues and friends.  


Traveling in-out

  • Düsseldorf Airport is a well known international airport, counting with 80 airlines to fly to 200 destinations around the world. The airport is very well connected with transportation to get you to the city center quickly and comfortably. 

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  • Düsseldorf counts with many entertainment options. Among them, the famous Rhine River, where you can enjoy the view and have a calm time. Visit the hidden Paradiesstrand (Paradise Beach) for a fun day under the sunlight. During the night you can enjoy a variety of restaurants, but also, you might want to check out the “longest bar in the world”. The city is famous for its 300+ bars and discos with connecting doors! Its lively vibe and cheerful atmosphere makes the city an ideal place to meet your friends after a long day. 
  • Düsseldorf hosts many festivities along the year, like the Karneval, one of the biggest carnivals in Europe! You will find all kinds of Christmas markets during the holiday season, food fairs, and international-themed days! 


  • Since Düsseldorf is a destination for many international professionals, the city has all kinds of food to offer. From the usual European delicacies, to Brazilian and Japanese restaurants. If you are a foodie and enjoy tasting new plates, Düsseldorf is certainly the place for you. 


  • Düsseldorf has a wide variety of sports to choose from, with more than 100,000 athletes in 400 different clubs. The city is proudly supportive of their extensive range of sports, from football, hockey, skating, tennis, and much more!

Day Trips

  • Düsseldorf is divided into 10 diverse districts,  each with its own unique charm. Just a few kilometers away from the city center, you can visit Düsseltal for a family day in green sceneries, Flingfern for a multicultural food experience, and that way, each neighborhood has something different to offer!

Art and Architecture

  • Aside from the cultural neighborhoods, Düsseldorf counts with amazing art and architecture to admire. The city has 26 museums and more than 100 galleries, including artworks from Picasso, Matisse, and Warhol. 
  • Düsseldorf is often called the “shopper’s paradise” offering many shopping experiences! There is jewelry, luxury collections, antique shops, furniture, and specialized boutiques to choose from. 

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