Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, is rich in history and culture, offering a unique architecture, entertainment, and places to explore; the city is definitely a destination for travelers and expats alike. The relaxed lifestyle, friendly neighbors, and beautiful views are just the beginning of what Lisbon truly is. 

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What to expect

A lot of people that live in Lisbon are digital nomads, and while that can mean that the community is constantly changing, many people fall in love with the city and decide to stay longer. The feeling of the city is young and vibrant, and new people go in search of the growing tech scene. 


  • Perfect weather all year round, with hot and bright summers and cold and damp winters, you will be able to enjoy all seasons. 


Average Daylight: 13 hours in summer and 7 hours in the winter

Average weather: 26º C in the summer and 8º C in the winter

Average rainfall: 117 days

Cost of living

Finding an apartment

  • Apartment hunting can be somewhat challenging at the beginning because of the large demand in short-term rental, however there are options for those who want to stay longer but are not ready to purchase a property. There are plenty of websites and agencies that can help you with this, in order to find an apartment that suits your needs and adapts to your budget and lifestyle.


  • Lisbon has a wide network of transportation that makes it really easy to move around the city. It is strongly recommended to consider public transportation since parking spaces are limited in the city center, and as many capitals, Lisbon has a hefty traffic at peak hour. The city offers taxis and other ride-sharing services for when you are in a complete rush. There are also metro and trams that will help you get to wherever you need to be. The system is quite straightforward, covering most of the city and can be navigated via their identifying colors. Trams are scenic ways to travel and see the city, making them popular among tourists. You can also count on local buses, which are useful for reaching places that are not close to the metro lines. And if you need to travel a short distance, you can opt for the electric scooters, especially in those hilly streets in the city. 

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Professional Environment

Company Profile

  • Lisbon attracts international professionals for its positive growth outlook in the areas of technology and innovation. The city has a growing technological scene with startups rising and new ideas flowing into the market. The expat community is largely involved with the innovative and creative aspects of the city.  


  • People in the city are essay-going, relaxed, and friendly, so meeting new people will definitely be a positive experience. With many international and other cultures to learn from, you will meet people from all over the world and make a multi-cultural circle of peers and colleagues. 


Traveling in-out

  • Lisbon has become a widely popular destination for many, and the airport is committed to giving the most efficient service possible. With connections with 55 countries and multiple airlines, you will be able to fly in and out of the country to other European destinations, as well as South America and Africa directly. 


  • Lisbon is one of Europe’s oldest cities, with many museums to explore, including the National Museum of Ancient Art, the Palace of Ajuda, the Lisboa Centre, and the Museu Colecçao Berardo, among others. If you are a person who enjoys the theatre, you should definitely check out the National Theatre of São Carlos!
  • The city also offers cinemas, and there are always different events throughout the year such as concerts, festivals, and special exhibitions. Some of them are the Carnival, the Festa das Cruzes and Rock in Rio Lisboa. 

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  • Nightlife in Lisbon is as colorful and active as the day, there is a huge range of dining options in the city, from traditional food to fine dining with famous chefs. Most traditional Portuguese cuisine include seafood, soups, local wines, and many custard desserts. Lisbon will surprise you everyday, as there is always something to do! 


  • Sports in Lisbon are very popular, both to participate in and to watch. Football is the number one sport in the city. Football games attract large crowds to pubs, bars, and restaurants. As well as to some of the country’s largest stadiums, like the Estádio Sport Lisboa e Benefica. Other sports in Lisbon include basketball, handball, futsal (which is like football but indoors), rugby, cycling, and tennis.
  • You can also join one of the many sports clubs the city has to offer. It is a great way to meet new people and to stay healthy and fit. The clubs are for all kinds of people and ages!
  • With beaches within 30 minutes from Lisbon, surfing is another widely popular sport that people are very passionate about. Most beaches have options to rent surfing boards for the day, and they even offer surfing classes if you are new to this exciting sport!

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Day trips

  1. Pena Palace and Park
    1. The second highest point in the landscape is home to the palace of Pena on the rocky hills. The views from here are magic and fairytale-like, with a multi-colored national monument, the Pena Palace. 
  2. Cabo de Roca and Cascais
    1. The Westernmost point of Europe, Cabo de Roca and Cascais is the perfect opportunity to explore the palace at Quinta da Regaleira on this day trip. Inspired by the myths and legends of the residence, the ground and gardens include secret passageways and feature much symbolism. 
  3. Jeronimos Monastery
    1. The Jeronimos Monastery is so big and extensive that it definitely takes a full day trip from Lisbon. The building has gone through many lives, it was used as a school and orphanage for around a century before becoming a national monument in the 19th century.

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