The Andalusian city of Malaga lies on Costa del Sol, a place of good food, festivities, and culturally dynamic lifestyle. Malaga is the second-most populous city in Andalusia, making it the commercial and cultural center of the coast. The historic city offers famous museums, restaurants, flamenco and ferias, and many other cultural experiences that will keep you happy!

What to expect?

There is plenty of buzz in Malaga, shopping streets and little markets selling handmade products will keep the streets busy. Here are some highlights of what you can expect when living in Malaga. 


Since Malaga lies on the coast, the weather will reach high temperatures during the summer, especially around July and August. Some Malagueños may say that the weather is too hot, but don’t worry because most places are readily equipped with air conditioning offering a comfortable environment for everyone. The weather during winter, between November and January, is fresh and enjoyable!


  • Daylight: 
    • 15 hours during summer
    • 10 hours during winter
  • Average temperature:
    • 12º C Winter
    • 30º C Summer
  • Rainfall days
    • 44 days

Cost of Living

  • Life in Malaga offers a wide range of options for entertainment, housing, and cultural experience!

Finding an apartment

Due to the high demand and luxurious lifestyle in the city center, prices are different from place to place. Fortunately, there are many beautiful and interesting districts bordering the city center where you can find affordable housing. Many people choose to live on the outskirts of Malaga, towns like Teatinos, Benalmádena, Fuengirola, and Mijas, where you can find suitable apartments and stay on a budget.


  • Malaga offers transportation services that are reliable and frequent. The city counts with an extensive network of public buses for trips in and around the city center. They are suited for the heat of the summer with air conditioning and have various bus ticket options available. Malaga has buses, trains, taxis, bike rental services, and BiciTaxi – a free service for everyone in the city center. 
  • On the other hand, moving by car in the city center may be challenging because finding a parking spot might be difficult. However, if you like walking or going by bicycle, you will definitely enjoy moving around the city.

Professional Environment

Company Profile

  • Technology-based companies are emerging in Malaga, playing an important role in its economy. Companies are looking to innovate and apply technologies to various sectors in the city to optimize processes, boost productivity, and increase work capacity. The city features several large companies as well as start-ups.


  • Meeting people and creating professional relationships is easy and enjoyable in Malaga. Malagueños have a friendly and warm personality; they are very easy-going, so networking in Malaga will be more of a pleasure rather than a challenge.

Traveling in-out

  • Malaga’s International Airport is the fourth busiest airport in Spain, making it easy to move in and out of the country.  The airport has connections with over 60 countries around the world. 
  • There are many towns, neighborhoods, and close cities to check out and are only a drive away. Malaga offers infrastructure and highways in perfect conditions for comfortable and safe traveling. 


Malaga is widely known for its parties and entertainment, with colorful flamenco and ferias, events, museums, chiringuitos, and much more. 

  • Leisure
    • When it comes to fun, Malaga sure knows how to do it. Let’s explore some options you can do while living in Malaga:
  • Food
    • If you enjoy tasting new plates you will definitely have a great food experience in Malaga. 
    • From the typical Spanish tapas, famous for the small size servings but full in flavor, you can taste a little bit of everything to more specific Andalusian dishes. Malaga has the fritura malagueña, with a large variety of fresh seafood fried in hot oil, as well as the gazpacho, a cold soup made with fresh tomatoes, mostly eaten during summer for a refreshing dish. 
    • One of the many benefits of living beside the coast, Malaga’s most famous dishes include the most fresh seafood, like the boquerones, and Migas.

If you are a person of the outdoors, Malaga offers the most exciting activities and sports at sea. From skiing, wakeboarding, or even renting a sailboat, all of it is possible in Costa del Sol. Or if you are even bolder, you can go rafting in the Genil River!


  • Malaga has both, the fun in the daylight and the nightlife. You can explore the historic and artistic areas of the city, including the Moorish castle and the Picasso Museum. The city has two theaters and offers many expositions, music, and concerts. 
  • Malaga has many traditional celebrations including the Malaga Fair, the Andalusia’s Day celebrated to commemorate the people of Andalucia, the Carnival, and Flamenco.
  • When the night kicks in, you have a wide range of bars, restaurants, sky lounges, clubs, and beach bars to choose from for a fun night out.

Day trips

  • The Province of Malaga has 5 Natural Parks, each of unique beauty a drive away from the center of the city.  You can also book excursions to the historic attractions and neighboring cities of Seville, Granada, or Córdoba. 
  • You can also visit Marbella, a 45-minute drive from Malaga, to check out what luxurious leisure is all about. Marbella is great for shopping, eating out, and amusement. It is known for its beautiful Golf Courses and has a variety of five-star hotels and spas. As well as Casinos.

We hope that you have found this guide useful. The Fut-Ure Team will likewise be happy to help you to set up in the city if you are looking for a job in the region,  or give you more information about the local Talent market if you are planning to open an office in Malaga. 

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