In Malta, Europe’s southernmost country, you’ll be surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea’s cool waves, in a breezy and relaxed environment. The small island country is rich in culture and history, offering you a superior lifestyle, low living costs, mild weather, friendly people, ease of settling, and its natural beauty.

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What to expect

  •  Here are the main highlights of what you can expect when living in Malta. 


  • The weather is perfect all year round, with hot summers but the breeze of the sea makes it comfortable, and cool winters. Most places are readily equipped with air conditioning to offer you the best experience possible. 


Average daylight hours: 14 hours in summer and 9 hours in winter. 

Average weather: 30º C in summer and 10º C in winter. 

Average rainfall days: 90 days. 

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Cost of living

  • Living in Malta is relatively less expensive than other European countries, in general terms. Since Malta is an island, certain imported goods may be more expensive than initially expected, and the country’s recent economic boom has made some areas of the city more attractive, and thus more expensive than others.

Finding an apartment

  • The city has multiple housing agencies and websites that will guide you to find an apartment depending on the areas that suit your needs and preferences. There is a high offer for long-term rental contracts, therefore finding the perfect flat will be smooth and quick. Rent is one of the largest and most variable costs of living in Malta, but if you choose an apartment outside of the trendy areas, you can find a comfortable apartment for two or even three for under €700/month. You will be able to find an apartment that adapts to your budget and lifestyle in no time!


  • One of the major advantages of Malta’s small size is that getting around is easy and quick! Malta offers a modern, affordable, and reliable transport system of buses, high-quality taxis, and ferry. The bus runs from 5:30 to 23:00 hours, with more than 80 bus routes that connect the most important destinations, like the airport, Valletta cruise liner terminal, and the Gozo ferry terminal. Here you can take the ferry and visit Malta’s sister island of Gozo. 

Professional Environment

  • Malta had a major economic boom as it was ranked among the best places to work, in terms of job satisfaction and work and life balance. Recent studies have shown that 7 in 10 expats in Malta are satisfied ar work and happy. Many international professionals arrive and stay in Malta for the multiple opportunities they find. 

Company Profile

  • Technology and online business are major parts of the country’s economy, along with hospitality and tourism. The startup scene is also continuously growing, meaning that there will be even more opportunities for those ready to take on their next adventure!


  • Making friends and meeting new people is easy in Malta, thanks to its friendly locals! Usually people meet at bars and pubs to meet people, where you will find people from different backgrounds and cultures. Most people in the country speak English as a second language, so there is not a high language barrier. Soon after, you will be sharing your experiences and expertise with your circle of friends and peers. 

Photo by Ferenc Horvath on Unsplash


  • The architectural sites, festivals, dramatic cliffs, stunning landscapes, and ancient buildings make Malta up. The culture is so unique you will find yourself happy and with something to do every day. Malta is strongly connected with Britain, as they were under British rule for almost 160 years until 1964, when the islands gained independence. 

Traveling in-out

  • Malta’s International Airport is located in Valletta, the capital city, offers direct flights to many European destinations, such as Austria, Belgium, Italy, and many more! You can also get to Italy by ferry, which operates weekly, but it will take longer to get to Italy’s coast. 


  • Malta has a reputation as a diving hotspot, thanks to its incredible coastline and outstanding weather, you can appreciate the Mediterranean’s charm by going to the beach. Or, by taking a dive into its crystal clear, warm waters. Malta is home to hundreds of reefs, caves, and ancient wrecks. So, if you are a diving enthusiast, you will definitely enjoy Malta. The country has some of the oldest structures in the world, some of which you can visit. Malta’s most historic building is the 5000-year-old Hagar Qim, which is one of Malta’s celebrated Megalithic temples.
  • Malta is great for a walking tour, and exercise! Malta is a walker’s paradise, where you can find plenty of rocky mountains to hike and strolls to take around the islands. Walking through Malta will provide you with some stunning views, from the dramatic cliff edges to green valleys and prehistoric ruins. 
  • The famous Maltese Festas! Summer-time is a peak for Malta’s colorful festivals, called festas. Every village in Malta has its own patron saint and its own individual festival, which may last up to a week, with fireworks and food stands crowding the streets under the moonlight!


  • Traditional Maltese food is rustic and based on the seasons. Even though the islands are heavily influenced by British cuisine, their most traditional dishes are unique to the archipelago. The Lampuki pie (fish pie), rabbit stew, Kapunata (Maltese version of ratatouille), and widow’s soup and goat’s cheese. Main wineries organize guided tours and tastings, with wine history museums and they cover the whole process of production!


Day trips

  • Comino Island and the Blue Lagoo, another of Malta’s beautiful landscapes. Comino is one of the country’s smallest islands, famous for its isolation and tranquility. The area is known for its large bird population and nature reserve. The island’s cliffs and coastlines were once the refuge of pirates and smugglers, but now they are there to serve a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea. You can get here through Gozo, after taking the ferry. 
  • Sicily: Located in the south of Italy, Sicily is a green island just ripe for exploration! To get there you can catch the catamaran from Valletta to Pozzallo, which is on the southern tip of Sicily. There are many hidden gems to explore in the Sicilian villages, ancient remains, and beautiful beaches and mountains. 
  • Gozo: this island is a perfect storybook scenery. Here you can visit the walled capital Victoria on the hilltop, beautiful rock formations in Dwerja, and the small town Xagħra. Gozo is the perfect place to enjoy a bike ride and go swimming in the hidden coves!

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