The modern cosmopolitan city of Munich, has a perfect balance between modem lifestyle and ethnic feel. The city has outstanding infrastructure facilities, excellent transportation, great education, culture, delicious cuisine, and an international environment. 

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What to expect

  • The city has an over-the-top professional lifestyle, amazing infrastructure, and much more. Here are some of the highlights you can expect when living in Munich:


  • Summers are warm and nice, and winters are white and sparkly. Munich receives some snow during the winter, however, almost every place is fully equipped with heating to offer the best and most comfortable environment. 


Average Daylight: 16 hours in summer and 8 hours in winter. 

Average weather:  22º C in summer and -2º C in winter

Average rainfall: 180 days

Average snowfall: between 13-30 days. 

Cost of living

  • Munich has plenty of housing options to offer, it can be rather costly in certain areas of the city, so it is important to research and ask for help when looking for an apartment. 

Finding an apartment

  • There are many websites and social media sites to find an apartment in the city with a large number of offers, that are nice, useful, and have effective features to help you find the apartment that suits you best. You can set your budget and type of neighborhood you would like to live in, and you will have your new home in no time!


  • Munich offers an excellent public transportation network, with subways, trams, buses, and commuter trains take you anywhere within the city and its outlying suburbs. The U-Bahn, or underground system, is the most preferred mode of transportation. It is fast, easy to use, and the underground stations are clean and safe. It is recommended to buy weekly or monthly tickets as it will be more efficient. The transportation can be rather expensive if you go buying single tickets often. Instead, if you are going to travel regularly via public transport, then it is better to buy a long-lasting ticket. Buses and subways are very frequent and reliable to get you wherever you want! Another popular form of transportation is riding a bike. The city is readily equipped with a dense network of cycle paths, which can be used to reach most places within the city. 

Professional Environment

  • Munich is considered one of the most international cities in Germany, where many professionals arrive for a new adventure. Here you will find people from all over the world ready to share expertise and experience. 

Company Profile

  • Munich is home to many large companies in the fields of environmental technology, business services, information and communications technology, and much more. The city is also filled with many emerging startups ready to enter, grow, and compete in this exciting German economy. 


  • Meeting new people in Munich is a smooth experience, as the city is home to many internationals. You will be meeting people with different backgrounds and interests, and soon after you will have your circle of friends and colleagues. Also, the city hosts networking events for expats year round! Friendly tip: Germans value punctuality, whether it is for a business meeting or a friend gathering, so being on time is a headstart to meeting people!


  • People in Munich are very open, and you will see that they are as excited to meet new people as you are. Munich offers a completely different cultural experience, from a meat-based cuisine, to the beer garden traditions and the famous festival Oktoberfest! 

Traveling in-out

  • The International Airport of Munich has a connection with 80 destinations, so you can easily travel from and to Munich. You can also opt for traveling by land, just a train ride away, you can visit neighboring cities and countries!


  • Visit museums
    • Munich is filled with museums to visit, as they have a passion for collecting, and they have gained the reputation of the city of art. You will find all kinds of exhibitions, such as the Pinakothek museums, the Lenbachhaus, the Villa Stuck, and the Haus der Kunst (or House of Art) maintain this reputation. 
  • Experience Nature in the city
    • Within the city, you experience nature, something not every city can offer. The banks of the Isar are centrally located, making them accessible from almost everywhere in the city. It is a fantastic place to take a break and fresh air. The city also offers Hellabrunn Zoo, where the Isar flows through, you can get close to flora and fauna at the same time! 
  • Munich in one view
    • You can also get to the top of the Olympic Tower to see the whole city from one view. 190 meters above ground, you can see all the way to the Alps in the background. 
  • Shopping
    • Many shopping centers offer luxurious brands, as well as small local businesses with great variety in tastes for clothing and accessories. There are two centers in the city, Marienplatz and Stachus, but there are numerous ones in the suburbs around the city. 
  • Experience the beer garden culture
    • Munich’s open heart is shown everywhere, but you can really feel the conviviality the most in one of its beer gardens. As soon as spring starts to show up, locals and visitors pack up their pretzels, obazda (a local cheese delicacy), and fresh salads, accompanied by cool beers. 
  • Cultural Highlights
    • The Bavarian State Opera, the Residenztheater, the Cuvilliés-Theater are just some of the institutions that will amaze you with the quality of performance and classical culture.

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  • Pretzels and sausages! This might be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Munich. Although they do have the best pretzels and sausages, there is much more! The Schweinshaxe, or German pork knuckle wrapped in salty and crisp skin. The dish is very popular in Bavaria. It is one of the must-haves during the Oktoberfest feast, accompanied by a tall glass of cold beer. Another famous dish, the spatzle, or german egg noodles, with a dough made of flour, eggs, and beer, topped with pork and spices. And many other traditional dishes that you should definitely try in order to experience the whole culture. 


  • If you are a sports enthusiast or a casual athlete, Munich is the place for you. The city has a large range of indoor swimming pools, and in the summer the activity moves to various outdoor pools with diving towers and water slides. Munich hosted the 1972 Summer Olympic Games, and the FIFA World Cup in 2005, and the sports venues used in both events are still active. If you are a soccer fan, the city is home to the Allianz Arena, a place to live emotions and excitement. Munich is also a great place for winter sports. The mountain landscape is perfect for hiking, ice skating on frozen lakes and ponds, sledding, skiing, and more. In summer days, you can go biking, rent a pedal boat and have a great time in the lakes, as well as surfing in the river!

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Day trips

  • Legoland (Gunzburg): if you are traveling with children, what better weekend adventure than spending a day in Legoland? The park is small enough to be able to check everything out in one day, and big enough to offer something to everybody. Here you can ride exciting attractions, as well as see Lego structures that are quite amazing. 
  • Nuremberg: If you enjoy the medieval architecture, a trip to Nuremberg is perfect for you! The city is the home of Germany’s first railroad, with plenty of cultural events, such as the Christmas market, museums, shopping districts, and delicious sausages to taste! Despite bombing during WWII, the city has been beautifully restored, with a four-kilometer long wall that is still standing!

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