Paris, the city of lights, offers you historical, emotional, and cultural experience like no other. The city has a collection of museums, parks, monuments, and of course, an incredible culinary experience with lots of cheese and wine! If you are a person who enjoys art, history, and learning new things every day, Paris is the place for you!

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What to expect

Paris is a place that has something new to show every day. The architecture is impressive and very well suited for people who enjoy taking a walk. Here are the main highlights of what you can expect when living in Paris:


Paris has the perfect weather, with sunny and hot weather in the summer and chill weather during the winter, somewhat rainy, but you will be able to enjoy every season of the year. 


  • Average Daylight: 16 hours in the summer and 8 hours in the winter
  • Average weather: 24º C in the summer and 5º C in the winter
  • Rainfall: 171 days

Cost of living

Finding an apartment

  • Finding housing might be a challenge for some, as most services are given in French, however, there are websites and social media sites readily available to help you find the best accommodation to suit your needs. You can also find magazines that are very helpful to guide you to find an apartment that will adapt to your lifestyle and budget. The market for housing is competitive, so it is recommended to reach out to websites and agencies to receive the best advice.


  • Paris has one of the world’s safest and efficient public transportations networks. The metro and buses are almost always on schedule, buses are spacious, clean, and comfortable. There are also the commuter express (RER) trains that will get you to the most important stops in the city. The city is invested in making the transportation systems as comfortable and convenient as possible, improving the efficiency and the accessibility every year. Paris has metro, buses, trains, shared bicycles – a method of transportation that’s been increasing in popularity among Parisians.

Photo by P C from Pexels

Professional Environment

Company Profile

  • Paris is a very big city, which is one of the reasons why you will find all types of businesses. From small and new startups, to large companies, and big headquarters. You will encounter technological companies, along with many professionals in the fields of software development, information technology, and much more. 


  • Meeting people and creating your circle of friends is always exciting, especially in a place like Paris. People may appear serious and formal at first, but once you make the first approach,  you will be able to meet new people from different cultures and backgrounds. 


Traveling in-out

  • The Paris Aeroport is connected with almost all of the world, counting with multiple airlines to offer you the best service. Also, Paris has a great train service, in which you can travel to neighboring countries in a few hours. Since the city is quite international,  they have focused on making the experience of traveling in and out of Paris as easy, efficient, and comfortable as possible. 

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  • Spending a day in Paris will submerge you into a cultural and historical perspective of the city. You can see and feel the essence of Paris on the streets, the buildings, and of course the Eiffel Tower. There is always something new to do and check out. From visiting the famous museums of art (free every first Sunday of the month) and admiring the monuments, shopping, and fashion. Nightlife, music, theaters, cinema, gastronomy, and sports, the city never stops to amaze visitors and locals. If you are a fan of the classical art, you can check out the Ballet and opera in the iconic Palais Garnier! 


  • Aside from the art and the love, if you are a cheese lover, Paris has a food culture that will make you drop your jaw. With a wide variety of cheese options to choose from, wine, baguettes, pastries, sweets (macarons!), and so much more to try! Enjoying food in Paris happens automatically, with a large selection of everything. 


  • Paris hosts many sports, counting with football, rugby, tennis, horse racing, and much more. Paris is home to the Parc des Princes, a large soccer stadium you will definitely enjoy if you are a football fanatic! There is also the Stade de France for national games too. 

Day trips

  1. Balloon rides in Andre Citroen park
    1. A must-do in Paris is going for a balloon ride on top of the Andre Citroen Park to admire the view of the whole city, just a few minutes drive away from the city center, you can enjoy a warm and sunny day from the skies.
  2. Tours 
    1. Parisians recommend visiting and actually staying the night in Tours, a place with so many things to do. Tours Cathedral of 1170, the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Tours (Museum of Beautiful Arts), and botanical gardens are just a few of the places to check out and do in Tours for a weekend getaway with family and friends!

 Photo by Pixabay. 

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