Porto lies along the Duoro River in the north of Portugal, a city known for its outstanding architecture and its Port wine. The city is the second-largest metropolitan area in Portugal, with a friendly and warm lifestyle. It is a thriving international business city, a call for many professionals from around the world who are ready for the next adventure, this could be you!

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What to expect

  • Rich in culture and history makes Porto the ideal place to live in, there is always something to do. The city is full of elegant parks, fountains, statues, and leafy boulevards, as well as its historic buildings. 


  • The weather is cool and mild, summers are hot but also breezy and the winters are somewhat rainy. 


  • Average Daylight: 15 hours in the summer and 9 hours in the winter.
  • Average weather: 18º C in summer and 10º C in winter.
  • Average rainfall: 147 days, usually between December to March.

Cost of living

Finding an apartment

  • Expats should not have any troubles when it comes to apartment hunting, as there are plenty of housing services that you can opt for. As well as websites that are helpful to find an apartment that suits your needs, that adapts to your budget and lifestyle. There are many options for flats nearer the center of the city, which means that you may not have to commute. 


  • Moving around in Porto is straightforward and easy thanks to its extensive public transportation network. Thanks to Porto’s relatively small size, you can get around the city in a short time via metro, bus, tram, taxi, and more. The transportation is affordable and available all day long. Porto also offers the Funicular dos Guindais, an elegant way of getting from one part of the city to another. There is no need to own a car in the city, but of course, if you want, vintage cars are popular in Porto. However, the city is best experienced by foot and its scenic riverfront makes the walk worth it. 

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Professional Environment

Company Profile

  • More and more technology companies are arising in Porto, as new startups start to bloom and new opportunities emerging. Expats enjoy the professional scenario as it calls for many international professionals, making Porto even more entertaining and interesting. 


  • Thanks to Porto’s welcoming lifestyle, you will be able to meet people from all over the world that bring valuable culture into the city and workplace. People in the city are friendly and open, which will make expanding your network easy and smooth, while meeting professionals to share and learn expertise from. 


  • The lifestyle in Porto is relaxed and comfortable. From many restaurants beside the river to bars and nightlife in the city center, Porto is always welcoming travelers and expats with their arms wide open and amazing cultural events. The traditional cuisine and the colorful lifestyle will make you enjoy every day to the fullest.

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  • There is always something to do in Porto, with a wide range of activities for all types of people, year-long. Porto has many shopping areas, restaurants, spas, bars, nightclubs, a river, and much more. The must-do in the city is to climb the Arrábida Bridge. It is a national monument and the only place in Europe where you can visit the arch of a bridge. Standing on the top of the bridge is a surreal experience with amazing views of the Duoro River and the Atlantic Ocean. 
  • If you are more of an adrenaline kind of person, Porto has something for you too! You can go karting in the Kart Center de Matosinhos for some indoor speed, go camping around Porto, by the sea, or inland, there are plenty of options. Or, if you are a friend of nature, then you can go hiking in and around Porto!
  • Porto is a party city, with cultural events all year long. One of the largest festivals is the Festa de São João (Festival of Saint John) in midsummer. It begins on June 23rd and thousands of people come out to the streets of both the city center and the small neighborhoods to celebrate. At midnight, the night sky is filled with fireworks and the dancing continues into the sunrise. 


  • Porto is a city whose food and wine directly relates to its residents’ lifestyle. One of the city’s iconic dishes is francesinha, which translates to “Little Frenchy”. Tradition says that the dish was invented by Daniel David Silva in the 1960s when he was living in France. The francesinha is made of bread, wet-cured ham, fresh sausage, linguica, and steak, all topped with melted cheese, tomato, and a beer sauce. Porto is famous for its wine, port. Across the Dom Luís I Bridge over the Duoro River to Vila Nova de Gaia you can find some of the best wine cellars and caves in the city. You can take a tour and taste all kinds of wines. 


  • Porto offers fun and exciting water sports, such as scuba diving, kayaking, and surfing. If you are a football fan, you will definitely enjoy the games in the Estadio do Dragao, where the fanatics gather and the excitement is over the roof! You can also explore the most secret and beautiful natural landscapes of Porto while canyoning, trekking, and climbing!

Traveling in-out

  • The Porto Airport, an international airport with connections to 91 destinations and 25 countries. Porto Airport offers services like transportation to and from the airport and the ANA Lounge, designed for frequent travelers to feel comfortable waiting for your flight. 
  • Porto also has a train that can take to nearby stations and towns a few kilometers away from the city center. There are many towns and cities to visit surrounding Porto that you should definitely check out when in the city. 

Day trips

  1. Aveiro: a popular destination, famous for its canals, colorful architecture, and brightly painted Moliceiros boats. The city lies on the edge of the Ria de Aveiro, a saltwater lagoon. Aveiro is directly connected to Porto, just a train ride away, offering unique sights and activities. 
  2. Braga: Just a train trip away, you can visit this beautiful and historic city in the center of Portugal, with a variety of buildings and monuments. 

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