Rotterdam is the city of arts and funk in the Netherlands, filled with modern architecture and uniqueness in comparison to the rest of the country. There is plenty of activities and cultural events, as it is an international destination and considered one of the most diverse cities in the Netherlands. 

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What to expect

  • Rotterdam is an international city, with outstanding life quality, and plenty of things to check out! These are the main highlights of what you can expect when living in Rotterdam.


  • The weather in Rotterdam is fresh during the summer, and somewhat cold in the winter. It can snow a little in the cold months, but it is usually light snow. However, the city is fully equipped with the heating necessary to offer you a comfortable and pleasant experience. 


Average Daylight: 17 hours in summer and 8 hours in winter. 

Average weather: 22º C in summer and 2º C in winter.

Average rainfall: 132 days

Cost of living

Finding an apartment

  • Due to the city’s popularity among internationals, the demand for long-term housing is large. However, there is plenty of modern, trendy, and affordable accommodation centers arising up all over Rotterdam. Some tips to find the perfect apartment for you, is to look in advance and prepare yourself, do some prior research about the types of apartments, who is offering, and be cautious. Also, don’t look for an apartment in the city center. You will likely find more accommodations closer to the outskirts and they are less expensive. 


  • The public transportation system in Rotterdam is easy to use and highly reliable. You can navigate around the city in many ways, such as getting around by foot, bicycle, car, metro, bus, by boat, and you can use the tram. Rotterdam is big, and one of the best ways to really appreciate the beauty of the city is by walking around. This is especially popular in the city center! Cycling in the Netherlands is part of the culture, and you should definitely try it out as the country is very flat and easy to navigate. Buying a bike or using a shared cycling service are both great and affordable options, and the bike lanes are all in great condition. 

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Professional Environment

  • Being the second-largest city in the Netherlands, there are plenty of job opportunities waiting for you. Rotterdam has the largest port in Europe, making it a crucial spot for international trade. 

Company Profile

  • The city offers a rewarding, internationally oriented, stable business environment for international corporations. Rotterdam has an innovative climate, which attracts many professionals, capitalists, innovators, and start-ups. There are many industries and fields operating in the corporate scene of the city, however, the most remarkable are technology solutions for environmental development, finance, smart technologies, and many more that are committed to maintain and bring forward the economy of Rotterdam. 


  • Although most people in the Netherlands speak English, a great way to meet other internationals is by taking Dutch classes, and it’s a good way to know the culture. Dutch people are really friendly and open, which will make the first approach real smooth, and they love it if you try to say a few words in Dutch. Soon enough, you will have your circle of friends, colleagues, and peers to share experiences with. 

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Traveling in-out

  • Rotterdam is located in South Holland. It’s 40 minutes away from Amsterdam and 25 minutes from The Hague. Rotterdam has an airport, but many people recommend to fly into Amsterdam if you want a less expensive choice. 

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  • There is a lot to do in Rotterdam, and much of it is free of charge. Here are some of the things you can visit while living in Rotterdam:
    • Rotterdam Central Station: if you are an architect or have a thing for impressive infrastructure, this is a must-see. It’s modern, it is huge, and it’s admirable. 
    • The Cube Houses: Again, Rotterdam is known for its funky architecture, these are literal houses shaped like cubes, and it’s impressive. 
    • The Erasmus Bridge: This is the pride of the city. The bridge, also known as the swan, is the highlight of the city’s skyline. 
    • Markthal: The modern food market in Rotterdam is the perfect place to visit if you are a foodie! But, it is not only about the food, but it is also about the architecture. Check out the artwork in the ceiling when you visit!
    • Euromast: This is a 185-meter high building in Rotterdam, where you can see the whole city in once. It’s amazing. 

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  • Thanks to its internationality, the city is a blend of cultural cuisine, with diverse flavors and all kinds of food. There are over 176 nationalities in the city who are sharing their culture with the rest of the population. So, if you love tasting new food and learning about different cultures, then Rotterdam is the place for you! 
  • The first stop should be the Rotterdam Food Markets, the Markethal, where you’ll discover more than 95 stalls and 20 shops and restaurants. You can take the items for take away and prepare the food at home or order a meal in one of the restaurants and prepared food stands. One of the most traditional Dutch dishes is the kroket, which is a croquette in a bun, with some mustard. 
  • Fenix Food Factory, get on the tram and head south for more food discoveries! These are food artisans, and they have high-quality meals waiting for you! 
  • Spido Rotterdam: this is a 75-minute cruise where you can learn about the city while enjoying a relaxing trip from the largest port of Europe. And, of course, some amazing snacks. 
  • And if you are craving something sweet for breakfast on a Sunday morning, make sure to try out the poffertjes, or puffed pancakes. They are one of the most preferred among locals and visitors alike. 


  • There are major sporting events organized in the city, such as the Rotterdam Marathon, the World Tennis Tournament, Six-Days Cycling, the World Port Tournament Baseball, and the CHIO Horse Riding event. The city has gained the title of the City of Sports for its many sports events and fanatics. Besides the annual sports events, there are also events organized weekly. Rotterdam has three football teams: Sparta, Excelsior, and Feyenoord. You can visit the Feyenoord Stadium to watch a game but they offer tours as well. The city also has teams in premier leagues of baseball, hockey, basketball, tennis, and volleyball. 

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Day trips

  • The Hague: Den Haag (in Dutch) is 25 kilometers away from Rotterdam, and it’s a historical small city, where the government seats. Here you can find the Binnenhof buildings of both houses of government and the Ridderzaal building, which dates back to the 13th century.  You can also visit the Mauritshuis Museum, located in a 17th-century mansion, that exhibits world-famous paintings of Dutch and Flemish Art. 
  • Dordrecht: This is the oldest city in Holland. Here you’ll encounter many charming streets with lovely architecture, like the Huis van Gijn. The city is just 15 minutes away by train from Rotterdam Central Station, and you can visit the Pottenkade, the Grote Kerk, and admire the canal and stunning old houses. 

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