Turin is the capital of Piedmont in Northern Italy, a region widely known for its Barolo wine and truffles, as well as the chocolate, rice, and breadsticks. The city is rich in culture, cuisine, and history, and it has so much to offer socially. There is always something to do in Turin, from eating out to festivals and a lively nightlife. It is one of Italy’s major cities with higher education, art, cultural, and science hubs, attracting many international professionals for its welcoming environment. 

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What to expect

  • Turin has rapidly become one of Italy’s large list of metropolitan cities, and it has much to offer from entertainment to over-the-top life quality. 


  • Perfect weather year round! The summers are hot and bright, and winters are mild. You will be able to experience all seasons throughout the year to the fullest in Turin!


Average daylight hours: 15 in summer and 9 in winter. 

Average weather: 27º C in summer and 3º C in winter.

Average rainfall days: 81 days. 

Cost of living

  • Even though Turin is a cosmopolitan city, the prices for rent, internet, and groceries are quite affordable. The largest expense in your budget will be accommodation, however, there are multiple options to choose from that can suit your needs. 

Finding an apartment

  • There are many real estate agencies that can guide you through finding the right apartment. You can also head to some of the websites for housing offers, however, most of these are in Italian and offer short-term rentals, rather than in an agency, they can guide you through the whole process of finding the right apartment. Soon enough, you will find the flat that adapts to your lifestyle and budget, and most importantly, to your preferences. 


  • Turin counts with an efficient and reliable public transport system, with buses, trams, and metro across Turin city center and the suburbs. The transportation services run from 5 hours to 24 hours, so you can definitely count on them. Another preferred mode of transportation is riding a bike. There are services for bicycle sharing in the city center, which you can easily use to move around in the center. 

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Professional Environment

  • Turin’s professional environment has been increasing over the years, and today the city is home to some of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world and new emerging enterprises in fields of technology and environmental sciences, as well as businesses in the hospitality field thanks to its international welcoming culture. 

Company Profile

  • Companies in Turin range from large worldwide known businesses to new startups. The innovation scene in the city has rapidly grown in the past few years, with many international professionals arriving in search of the opportunity to establish their business. 


  • People in Turin are friendly and open-minded. They are as eager as those arriving to meet new people and cultures, making it a largely diverse city. One of the best ways to meet people is by going to small bars, as well as participating in expat groups’ organized events throughout the year.

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  • Full of monuments, museums, art galleries, restaurants, beautiful palaces, gardens, outstanding views, and more, the city of Turin has a large cultural wealth. 

Traveling in-out

  • The international airport of Turin, the Torino, is less than half an hour from the city center. It is quite efficient and conveniently located. You can count on departing to other European cities in non-stop flights, as well as Africa, and Asia. And, if you like to travel by land, you can catch the train to close Italian and French cities, while admiring the views on the way!


  • Turin is a historical city, with Roman influences that are still present to this day. While living in Turin you might be surprised by how rich the city’s history is, and discover places like Porta Palatina and Teatro Romano di Torino. There is a large list of “must”s in the city, but some highlights include: Piazza Castello. This is Turin’s central plaza, filled with restaurants, theaters, and museums. The plaza is home to Palazzo Madama, the original home to the Italian Parliament and Royal Palace. Another must-see in the city is 672 meters above the city, the Basilica, Royal Tombs, where you can climb to the top and admire some breathtaking views of the Alps. The Duomo of Torino, dedicated to the patron saint of Turin, Giovanni Battista, is home to the museum Turin Shroud. The museum contains some of the best masterpieces in the city and you can visit as it is open everyday. Parc del Valentino is a famous public park, located along the banks of Po. It is a fascinating place to relax and get away from the city hustle. And, learn more about the city’s history visiting the Medieval Village, the Valentino Castle, and the Botanical Garden. 
  • Turin is also home to one of the most recognized museums in the world: the National Museum of Cinema. Located inside the Mole Antonelliana, the museum tells the story of the Lumiere Brothers and their innovations. 
  • The list of museums, monuments, and cultural activities goes on, and it is something you should definitely consider checking out as it will amaze you!

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  • While the city has many international restaurants from all over the world, you should also try some of the Piedmontese dishes to fully discover the city’s culture:
    • First thing, antipasti, especially the bagna cauda, a mixture of a special sauce served in fondue-style in a big pot with a flame underneath. You can eat it with grilled vegetables to taste this delicacy. 
    • Truffles: there is an entire truffle festival held each autumn, to select your favorite truffles. Or, you could also head to a Piedmontese restaurant in the city and try the truffle risotto. 
    • Barolo wine: it comes straight from the vineyards in Le Langhe, one of Piedmont’s hilly wine regions. 
    • Agnolotti: of course, pasta! Smaller than ravioli, agnolotti is a meat-filled pasta, served in three ways: with extra sauce from the roasted meat, ragu sauce, or with butter, sage, and parmesan cheese. 


  • If you are a football enthusiast, you probably know about Juventus. The team has won multiple national titles, and many great, globally known, players have been part of the team. However, Turin is home to another football team: Torino. F.C. founded in 1906. Turin has the Stadio Delle Alpi, where multiple local matches are played and fans go crazy, from cheering their teams to after parties on the streets. The city also has many gyms to join, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, ski areas, and more. 

Day trips

  • The Alps: during winter, you can go ski at spots around the Via Lattea, and in summer you can go for a nice hike in nature. 
  • The UNESCO-listed Reggia di Venaria Reale: an impressive place of 60 hectares of manicured grounds that was once the residence of the Savoy royal family. You can catch the bus from Piazza Castello, and get there in less than 30 minutes. 
  • The Italian Riviera that stretches the length of the coast from the border with France to the top of Tuscany. The quiet town of Alassio has a long sandy beach. While you’re there, try the baci di Alassio, made from two hazelnuts and cocoa biscuits covered with dark chocolate. Alassio is a 2 hour and 20 minute drive away from Turin, and you can also go by train from the Torino Porta Nuova station which takes around 3 hours. 

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