Vienna is considered the world’s Most Liveable City, with a growing social and technological climate, safety, outstanding medical care, education, wellbeing, and infrastructural conditions that boost the life quality for both locals and internationals. Vienna offers a rich culture and history, as well as a fun and colorful experience with endless cultural events and traditions that will keep you interested in learning more about this city! 

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What to expect

  • Here are some highlights of what you can expect when living in Vienna:


  • Vienna’s weather ranges from hot and bright summers to snowy and chilling winters. However, most places are fully equipped with the appropriate equipment to offer a comfortable experience for everybody. 


Average Daylight: 16 hours in the summer and 8 hours in the winter

Average weather: 25º C in summer and 2º C in winter

Average rainfall days: 88 days

Months of snowfall: November to May

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Cost of living

  • Vienna is a city of neighborhoods. Districts are numbered and named, and they are surrounding the 1st district. Choosing your district can define your lifestyle in the city. 

Finding an apartment

  • Some notable neighborhoods are located in the 6th to 8th districts for a very relaxed and safe, with a wide selection of restaurants for Sunday brunch, elegant, and high-class lifestyle. The 3rd and 4th districts are more family-like neighborhoods. Here you will get to know your neighbor, have a cup of coffee at the local café, live close to the city center and green areas! You can choose from 23 different districts, all with their special trait and uniqueness. There are plenty of websites and social media sites that will help you find the apartment that suits you and adapts to your lifestyle.


  • Vienna is relatively flat, which is why most locals opt for traveling by bicycle. You can buy your own bike or use a shared bicycle service, CityBike. You can go around the city on the well-connected network of buses, trams, and metro lines. The system is frequent and highly reliable!

Professional Environment

Company Profile

  • Vienna is one of the most vivid, diverse, and rapidly growing technological cities in Europe. The city is becoming a major European startup hub and the tech environment is increasing quickly!


  • The best way to meet people in Vienna is to go out. Most people in the city are easy going and happy to meet internationals! You will find that people are extroverts, and most of them gather at Irish pubs around the city. Making friends and colleagues will be more of a pleasant experience than a challenging one. 


  • Vienna is an eccentric, individual kind of city rich in history and culture! Spend time getting to know their way of life and you will find yourself submerged in a charming and wandering culture. Get to know their wine, work-life balance, the coffeehouse break in the afternoons, and the many creative activities happening around the city. 

Traveling in-out

  • The Vienna International Airport is connected to 91 cities with non-stop flights, so you can easily travel to international destinations. Vienna also offers the Vienna Hbf, the train that will get you to close cities and towns in Austria and neighboring countries. 


  • There is a wide range of activities to do all year! From climbing the walls of a WWII Flaktower in the summer to ice skating under the winter starry skies. There are multiple parks to go have a picnic and enjoy the beautiful scenery, no matter regardless of where you are in the city, you will always find green areas to that will take your breath away. And leisure does not stop at activities and amazing views, but it also about the small details the city has. Such as being able to drink water from the faucet and get a sip from fresh mountain spring water. 
  • Vienna hosts Europe’s largest annual Open Air Festival with international live acts for free! In summer the city is full of public events happening on the streets around the city. You can also check out the National Park for wildlife exploring!


  • Vienna is full of international cuisine, so you can find all types of food around the city. However, most local restaurants stick to traditional dishes such as the Weiner Schnitzel, made from breaded veal, and then panfried in butter is one of the most iconic plates in the capital. A cold Austrian lager or a glass of local white wine makes a perfect combination. The  Sachertorte is a symbol of the Austrian capital. It is a delicious chocolate cake with thin layers of apricot jam topped with chocolate icing. The Apfelstrudel (Apple Strudel) is a loved dessert worldwide. You can find this delicacy in bakeries, cafés, restaurants, almost everywhere around Vienna. 


  • Exercising is part of the Viennese culture, with activities like hiking, and sailing and wakeboarding in the near beaches. Vienna is home to the biggest climbing wall in Austria, so if you are a climber, Vienna would be happy to welcome you! The city also has beach volleyball teams, parkour, trampolines, table tennis, and much more!

Day trips

  • Seegrotte Hinterbrühl: Europe’s largest underground lake that is just a train ride away from the city. You can take a boat ride and learn about the history of the once large thriving gypsum mine, the experience is completely unique, and brings a lot of the Viennese culture. The mine has been featured in numerous films, like The Three Musketeers in 1993. 
  • Liechtenstein Castle: just a 10 minute walk away from the Seegrotte Hinterbrühl, you can visit the castle that was home to many royals since 1130. It is one of the many historical landmarks of Austria, that has been switching from the royal family to another, and has had multiple expansions. The story of the building is completely interesting and gives you insight into the culture of Vienna. 
  • Donau Beach: just a 30-minute train ride from the city center, you can enjoy a relaxing day in one of the beaches near Vienna. Here you can sunbathe, play beach volleyball, take a swim, and much more!

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