Fut-Ure’s 5 Step Recruitment Process

Our guideline to successful hirings

  • 1. Initial Meeting

    Contract Signature Role Definition, RPM Assignation Start of Work

  • 2. First Candidate Shortlist

    Preparation of First Candidate Shortlist Initial Meeting Follow-Up: Fut-Ure & Client

  • 3. Second Candidate Shortlist

    Second Candidate Shortlist Preparation Second Follow-Up Meeting, Fut-Ure & Client Finalist Shortlist Definition & Preparation

  • 4. Third Candidate Shortlist

    Finalist Shortlist (2-3 Candidates) Backup Candidate Shortlist Preparation (1-2 Candidates)

  • 5. Candidate Offer & Placement Confirmation

    Finalist and Backup Shortlist Evaluation Offer Issue to the Finalist Candidate(s) Offer Negotiation & Official Placement Confirmation

What to Expect from Fut-Ure During the Whole Selection Process

Working with Fut-Ure: Your Winning Strategy

Desarrollo y Datos

Negotiation with Candidates

Fut-Ure assists you in negotiating a final offer that meets your goals and ensures Candidate's full motivation, clearing up any doubts.

Dirección de TI

Hiring Advice & Industry Experience

Throughout the selection process, our team will be providing expert recommendation and industry-specific best practices.

Ventas y Marketing TI

Great Communication & Teamwork

Fut-Ure offers weekly follow-ups, daily updates on Candidate status and feedbacks, as well as consultants to advice you in other HR and Business topics.

Tecnología e Industria

Dedicated Team

Dedicated Recruitment Project Manager assigned to your recruitment process, specialized in your industry.

Fut-Ure’s Famous Recruitment Process

Managing a Successful Recruitment For Both Your Organization and Candidates

3 Final Candidates Rule

For agile & fluent selection process, we always recommend having a final shortlist with 3 excellent Candidates, then hiring the best match for you.

Recruitment Visualization Reports

Candidates are delivered to you in Fut-Ure's own visual Candidate Reports, helping you save time and not missing any key details.

Weekly Follow-Ups

The Fut-Ure Team will touch base with you with the right frequency, in order to oversee the Recruitment Process track and provide our expertise and advice as you need.

First Response in 1-2 Business Days

You can count on Fut-Ure’s excellent service. For that, we will need your feedback about the Candidates we provided, as quickly as possible, in order to keep your Candidates motivated with your job offers.

Fut-Ure’s Post-Hiring Support

Your Journey Continues Once You Hire a Candidate

Onboarding Preparation

A few days before the Incorporation, Fut-Ure Team will contact the candidate to make sure all is ready for their first day at your Company.

First Week Feedback

Our Team will obtain and share with you the Candidate's feedback about their first days at your Company.

Incorporation Support

Once the selected Candidate signs an Offer Letter, we will assist them with the resignation process from their past job to successfully land in your team.

Your Feedback for Fut-Ure

We will always be keen on hearing your feedback, so that each collaboration is better than the previous one.



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