In the last weeks, millions of employees across the world had to stop attending to their offices as usual.

Forced by exceptional circumstances, companies had to transform in record times to allow their workforce perform their duties on remote.

Do you want to know how well they are adapting to their new working conditions?

Even if the employees tell you that ‘everything is OK’ now, it is good to anticipate and prevent any possible issues.

Fut-Ure provides you with a questionnaire to find out how your employees are doing for real.


How to interpret the answers from our employees?

Once your employees have responded to this survey, the organization should focus on questions that have been responded with a “No” in each category, and assess which areas are the root cause of the issues.

Alternatively, you can reach out to Fut-Ure who has got the best professionals in house to do all the job for you!

One of our Health & Safety experts in your country will help you find and prevent any risks, and ensure that your employees can work from home safely, and that nothing will stand on their way to be as productive as when working in the office.

Make your company a happier and safer place (regardless where your employees work from!).


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