Dream job or stable job? This is one of the biggest dilemmas we face as professionals.
Most of us will face this conflict at some point in our life. We are hungry for success and making recognized achievements in our industry, but at the same time, we all must ensure that we have all the necessary to sustain ourselves and our dear ones in the long run.

Besides, we often hear close people and our favorite inspirational websites tell us mixed messages: Some encourage us to follow our dreams, chase our passions and live life to the fullest and others remind us the importance of having a safe life and job.

Clichéd mantras on both sides are so widely popular, that it causes many of us to be conflicted in this dilemma. So what do we do?

In fact, whether you should go for a dream job or a well-paid job is very subjective. Some people are happy working the same 9-5 job all their life, while others cannot wait for the day they can really start pursuing their passions. Thus, saying one is better than the other is not possible. Therefore, to help you step out of this conundrum we have put together a few important things you should consider first.

Passion Self-Assessment

How do you feel when you (or someone else) reminds you that you only live once, and you can do more if only you find the right way ?

What emotions are triggered by this? Is it impatience, eagerness to go out and get something done?  Does getting a job that pays well suddenly sound easy ?

Now, think about how it will be dealing with the emotional and mental stress of not following your passions as time passes? Is that worth it?

If reading this makes you feel you want to pursue your dreams it may be an indicator that you already have a strong idea of what you want to do in your life, and you are somehow anxious for not getting on the task already.
But there must be a reason why you have not done it yet (So keep reading!).

Reality Check 

Let’s be honest, if given the chance all of us would want to have our dream jobs but most people are not getting them.  Why is that ?
While a regular stable job pays the bills and gets you a study paycheck, struggling for your dream job can be costly. To turn your dreams into reality you have to put in both tangible and intangible assets like time, effort and money. You have to be patient and wait till you can reap the benefits of your hard work. If you are ready to handle all of that pressure while continuing to work for your dream job then you must pursue it. However, if the mere idea of not having a paycheck at the end of the month gives you anxiety, then you’re not ready to quit your stable job and chase your dreams at this moment.

If that is your case, no worries! Personal situations and views change with time, so you parking the idea of getting a dream job temporarily is not bad, as long as you have a good long-term plan to go back on track, or that you look for other passions within your current job and industry. The world is full of challenges, and there must be plenty of things you can do within your current position that can help boost your self-realization.

Emotional Stability

Having financial stability is great but it’s of no use if you are emotionally unstable. If you have a full-time stable job that pays you well but strips you off of your peace of mind then is the money worth it? Do you have to force yourself out of the bed and feel unexcited to go to work? If you feel unmotivated at your job then it also reflects poorly on your productivity and efficiency. In the long run, your job will become emotionally exhausting and depressing. Giving up your mental and emotional health for a steady paycheck is not a fair trade. Moreover, you will also become miserable towards the people around you as your mood will impact all your other relationships (both at home and work).

On the flip side, if you land in a good job that you love and enjoy, it will not only reflect on the quality of your work but also improve your overall emotional health. According to many researches, if we choose a career that makes us feel content and satisfied it improves the quality of our life in the long run. Even if you are not getting a regular heavy paycheck but have a stress free work environment then you will still be getting something of value in return.

Passion and Work

Why do we always correlate passion and work when they are two separate concepts. While most people believe it’s important to be passionate about your work, it is not necessary that you are unhappy at your job if you are not passionate about it. For a lot of people work and passion can be entirely separate imperatives. You may feel passionate about cooking, traveling or modeling but you can still have a secure job on the side. Yes, having the opportunity to work in a field you are passionate about is the best of both worlds, yet keeping the two factors separate is also possible and enjoyable. You can find the right employment and work towards your dream at the same time.

Thus, you can have a successful career, achieve a lot and feel rewarded in your job but believing that you should be in love with your job is unnecessary pressure. Remember: ultimately your job is a means of feeding yourself and your family. Just find ways to make your work meaningful and that will give you the motivation you need. So, finding a balance between today is always an option.

Skills and Reward 

Have you ever considered what if you are not good at your dream job? For instance, you are passionate about art and want to become the next big thing in the art world but what if you don’t have the skills for it? You will have a terrible career as an artist. Whereas on the other hand you may hate your 9-5 supply chain management job, but you excel at it. In this scenario, you will get more promotions, climb up the ranks and earn more money. Once you get appreciated and recognized for something it automatically instills motivation inside you to continue in that direction. Hence, finding a job that you are good at will not only give you a stable paycheck but also job satisfaction. 

Now we are not saying that you should stay in your job even if you loathe it just because you’re good at it and it pays well. What we are saying is that there are always jobs out there that may not be your dream career but it could be an opportunity for you to turn it into a dream job. 


In today’s age and time, you can easily choose what you want to do. While this is liberating it is also very confusing and scary. The dynamic employment landscape gives you plenty of opportunities to follow your passions. However, finding the right job is hard. We can’t tell you if you should choose your dream job and leave your safe job because that is a decision you have to make for yourself. 

We hope that the points covered in this article will give you some clarity and help you reach a sound decision about your future.

If you work in a STEM role, and you are looking for the next challenge, or advice as to how you can excel in your current role boosting your skills, reach out to the Fut-Ure team to explain to us more about your personal situation. We have experts in our team that can help you make the best choices for your career path, and build your future together. Contact us!


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