Are you planning to make a career change in 2021? As we move into the new year, soft skills become more important than ever for employers and employees. They have always been an integral part of the talent search, but, as the world keeps changing, managers have realized the importance of skills such as adaptability, creativity, and resilience are essential for the workplace, especially when it comes to a new team member. 

Are you searching for a new job? You might want to consider working on these and adding them to your list of skills:

1. Adaptability

If the Covid pandemic has taught us something is that the world can change without us even realizing it, and it has become crucial for both employees and employers to be as adaptable and versatile as they can be. If you are resisting change, it will be difficult to move forward as a leader and as an individual. There are new ways of organizing meetings, keeping track of projects, speaking with clients, and even giving guidance and feedback. 

With adaptability comes a need for understanding others’ needs and learning to work with those who are in a different situation as one’s. For example, your coworker that has children probably needs some support and flexible schedules. Helping them out and adapting your schedules too will demonstrate you are not only a considerate team player but also an empathetic one.

2. Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is the ability to be conscious of one’s emotions and control them while being sympathetic and connecting with others effectively. Today, leaders are more emotionally connected with their employees than before. In times of uncertainty, people are vulnerable and anxious, so there is a need for a deeper understanding of both leaders and employees. Your EQ can determine how you receive feedback, criticism, and how you handle a tough situation. With a high EQ, you will be prepared for upcoming challenges and become a top performer.

3. Creativity

Facing a situation no one imagined could get this far has challenged businesses and individuals to think creatively to change the business focus. Having an open mind and innovative thinking has allowed many businesses to diversify their products and services and reach a better target, or a new one for that matter. Employers are looking for that spark that, no matter the storm you might be faced with, you will be able to see through and find a creative idea. Your innovation will be greatly valued while the pandemic lasts and much more after it ends. 

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

4. Work ethic

Having a strong personal drive is essential for productivity and teamwork. An employer who sees that your work ethic aligns with that of the company will surely have your eyes set on you. Especially now that most companies are working remotely, and plan on continue to work from home, you are responsible for keeping yourself in line with tasks and deadlines. Your leader and teammates should be able to trust you. Show them they can.

5. Communication

As companies continue to operate remotely, communication remains critical, between colleagues, team leaders, and the entire staff. Being able to communicate both in-person and online will add to your skills, making you a polyvalent player, and an interesting and successful one. 

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6. Collaboration

Even though your team might be working remotely, having that sense of belonging because the work culture is collaborative is encouraging and it’s a soft skill that can’t be overlooked. Employers are looking for someone who is able to take feedback, play an active role in the business, and overall, collaborate with their colleagues for a common goal.

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

7. Time management

Now that most offices are not available for everyone, being on top of your to-do list is completely your responsibility, which will not only give you a sense of independence, but also a large pressure in completing your tasks. Managing your time wisely will allow you to deliver the best results and ensure that you are keeping track of your everyday activities. Showing you can have your responsibilities under control will ease your team and managers’ micromanagement.

Photo by Startup Stock Photos from Pexels

As you may have learned throughout 2020, thriving in work is not only about technical skills, but also those that complete your personality and work ethic. Plan out your growth in soft skills and go get that new job you are looking forward to! 

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